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Los Angeles workplaces are more diverse than ever, featuring employees from all walks of life. In spite of the diversity, many workers still face gender discrimination. If you have faced gender discrimination in the workplace, a Los Angeles Gender Discrimination Lawyer can help.

What Counts as Gender Discrimination?

Gender discrimination is any type of workplace behavior, activity, or policy that keeps you from prospering at your job as a result of your gender. Gender discrimination can be against the gender you were assigned at birth, as well as against the gender with which you identify or express yourself. While women are far more often the targets of gender discrimination, men can be discriminated against as well.


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What If I Didn't Report the Gender Discrimination I Faced?

Reporting gender discrimination at your workplace is an important act. Not only does it show your willingness to seek a solution but—if the discriminatory behavior continues—it also proves the employer knew about the behavior and did not take adequate measures to prevent it. However, reporting discrimination comes with its own sort of mental distress. Will the employer be angry about the report? Will your claim be received? Will reporting discrimination make a bad situation even worse?

The fear is understandable. You should be aware, however, that it is illegal for your employer to retaliate against you for reporting a grievance. Additionally, you should know that an experienced Los Angeles Gender Discrimination Lawyer can also examine options with you for proceeding with an employment claim.

Other types of evidence that are used to prove a discrimination claim include:

  • Your personnel file and performance reviews
  • Your employee handbook
  • Journaling of your discriminatory experiences at work
  • Pay stubs and tracking of lost time at work as a result of discrimination
  • Social media posts, documents, pictures, or emails
  • Mental and medical health records
  • Testimony from others who witnessed the discrimination

Examples of Gender Discrimination in the Workplace

Any form of sexual harassment is considered gender discrimination, such as:

  • Offensive comments, gestures, and jokes made about individuals of your gender
  • A workplace environment that is hostile towards individuals of a certain gender who wish to flourish there
  • Firing people on the basis of their gender or expressed gender or forcing them to quit
  • Assigning specific tasks to only one gender
  • Refusing to allow a transgender employee to use the restroom that reflects their identified gender
  • Ignoring ideas from one gender in favor of the ideas of employees of another gender
  • Excluding people from meetings or gatherings based on their gender
  • Basing promotion or advancement on gender

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How Can a Los Angeles Gender Discrimination Lawyer Help?

Freedom from gender discrimination in the workplace is one of your federally granted rights, and California provides additional protections to ensure you prosper in your career without being hampered by gender discrimination. A Los Angeles Gender Discrimination Lawyer can help you exercise your right through a legal claim against your employer in order to obtain relief from the discrimination.

Some potential remedies include:

  • Compensation for wages you were deprived of as a result of gender discrimination
  • Reinstatement of employment if you were wrongfully terminated due to your gender
  • Compensation for the emotional distress you have suffered as a result of gender discrimination

From negotiating a settlement on your behalf with your employer’s insurance provider to collecting the evidence and witness testimony that is needed to prove your claim in court, an experienced employment lawyer can help you ensure your right to equal treatment in the workplace. Contact us for a free case evaluation.

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Top-Rated Employee Rights Lawyer

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