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Coursing through life with a disability is difficult enough. You should never have to experience discrimination while trying to earn a living for yourself and your family. This is why federal laws, such as the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and the Disability Act, exist to ensure that individuals with disabilities can do their work without fear of discrimination.

There are similar laws at the state level, such as the California Fair Employment and Housing Act. If you have faced discrimination in the workplace for your disability, you have the right to work with a Los Angeles Disability Discrimination Lawyer to fight for your rights.

The disability laws protect all employees who have an impairment that significantly impairs a “major life activity,” such as sitting, walking, hearing, seeing, or standing. If you require a certain level of “reasonable accommodation” to handle the core functions of your job, the anti-discrimination laws protect you. Additionally, the laws are applicable for both physical and mental disabilities. These laws set the groundwork to help you get justice when you have been discriminated against at work. One of our Los Angeles disability discrimination lawyers can help you argue your case.


There are numerous forms of disability discrimination in the workplace. This includes anything that makes you feel like you are being treated differently just because you are disabled, whether it is evident or perceived. Disability discrimination can also occur due to a condition you had in the past, such as cancer, that is now under remission.


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You should always report a case of discrimination to your employer, especially when one of your colleagues has discriminated against you. Your employers need to be notified to institute the necessary disciplinary action.

What if your employer is at fault? You might dread approaching them for fear of retaliation. Do not let fear prevent you from suing your employer. You could initiate a legal process to ensure you get justice even if you did not report the discrimination to your company’s HR.

You can also sue them if you reported the discrimination case and they failed to take appropriate action. In some cases, it may be impossible to report the discrimination because you might have already been fired.


The following are some examples of workplace disability discrimination:

  • Failing to hire a qualified candidate due to their disability
  • Denying promotion to, firing, or reassigning an employee with a disability to a junior role
  • Offering negative verbal references due to past disability
  • Failure to adjust the working conditions to reasonably accommodate the disability of a particular employee
  • Failure to promote an employee due to a family member’s disability
  • Requiring job applicants to take specific medical exams to determine if they have some form of disability or asking them about their past or current disabilities
  • Retaliating against an individual who has expressed their concerns about a particular discriminatory practice
  • Inappropriate remarks or harassment directed at a person with a disability which makes the work environment hostile for them
  • Denying someone eligible under the Family Medical Leave Act leave of absence

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A Los Angeles disability discrimination lawyer dramatically increases your chances of proving your disability discrimination case against your employer. They have the extensive legal knowledge and can evaluate your disability discrimination case details to offer sound legal advice. Additionally, they will explain your legal options, help you reclaim your lost dignity, and get you compensated for your emotional distress and financial loss.

We understand how living with a disability is difficult and should never feel like you are being treated differently because of it. If you have faced workplace discrimination, speak with a Los Angeles disability discrimination lawyer as soon as possible.

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