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Older workers benefit their workplaces with their experience and hard work but are often not rewarded for it. Sadly, there’s a stigma that older workers require more medical care, cannot keep up with recent technology trends, and, due to retirement, are not worth the investment.

It is, however, illegal to discriminate against someone based on their age, both on the federal level under the Age Discrimination in Employment Act (ADEA) and on the state level in both California and Washington. If you have faced age discrimination in the workplace, a Los Angeles Age Discrimination Lawyer can help.

What Counts As Age Discrimination?

Age discrimination is when an employer treats a worker negatively or differently due to an employee’s age. In California, you are protected if you are at least 40 years old and your workplace has at least 20 employees. You can also be immune if you are in a “high policy-making position” and have a pension of $44,000 or more.

Sometimes a company will ask you to retire voluntarily, and if you accept, you will probably have to sign a waiver saying that you won’t sue for age discrimination. Of course, you don’t have to retire, but you will probably get a better benefit deal than if you chose to retire normally.


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What If I Didn't Report The Age Discrimination I Faced?

Age discrimination can be difficult to prove. Although it is not mandatory that you complained to HR about your treatment, it may be helpful to your case. Your attorney must prove that you were directly discriminated against due to age and no other reason.

Examples Of Age Discrimination In The Workplace

There are many possible examples of age discrimination, for example:

  • Not getting selected for a job due to your age
  • Getting fired for an infraction that you can prove younger people were not fired over
  • Being passed over for a promotion, solely due to your age
  • Negative performance reviews that are specifically tied to your age
  • Being mistreated or being terminated after reporting age-based discrimination

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How Can A Los Angeles Age Discrimination Lawyer Help?

A Los Angeles age discrimination lawyer can help you understand both federal and state law and how it applies to your case. They know the law and understand how to interpret it. They can also help you gather evidence so you can prove that you were discriminated against in court. You deserve to have your work rights upheld, and a lawyer gives you the best chance of proving that you were wronged and get a settlement from the court or your employer. Don’t go it alone. Hire someone to be on your side and help you through the court system.

Top-Rated Employee Rights Lawyer

Top-Rated Employee Rights Lawyer

After experiencing any type of harassment or discrimination in the workplace, it’s difficult to know where to turn, to know who you can trust. At the Malk Law Firm, we have successfully represented employees against large and small companies (all over California and Washington) in various labor and employment-related lawsuits.

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